2013 Consumer and Commercial Products Survey

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Introduction Section

The purpose of this survey is to gather current information on volatile organic compound (VOC), low vapor pressure VOC (LVP-VOC), and greenhouse gas (GHG) content from consumer and commercial products sold or supplied for use in California. The survey will assist the Air Resources Board (ARB) staff in determining the feasibility of further reducing consumer product emissions, updating the consumer products emissions inventory and evaluating emissions trends for consumer products.

For more information please refer to the 2013 Consumer and Commercial Products Survey webpage.

The next series of webpages include questions designed to assist you in determining if you are required to submit survey data to the ARB.

2013 Consumer and Commercial Products Survey

Is your company, firm, or establishment listed on the label of a chemically formulated product used by households, business, commercial, and/or instituional consumer in California?

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