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Version: V3.4946

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Click the “LRT-CBTS Account” if you are the designated administrator or primary contact person for LCFS Quarterly and Annual Reporting, or as a Clearing Service Provider, and have not registered your organization. Upon account approval by CARB you will be able to login and assign roles to other users. Only users assigned "Signatory Authority" are able to submit LCFS reports. If you are an employee of a registered organization and you are only in need of a user account, please contact the administrator for your organization. Address Reporting questions to:

Click the “CBTS Broker Account” if you need an account solely for transferring LCFS credits. You will be registered as a “Broker” in the system upon account approval by CARB and will be notified by email. You will be added to the list of registered brokers.  LCFS Regulated Entities will be able to select brokers from the list of registered brokers. Address questions to:

Click the “AFP Account” button if you are the designated administrator for an alternative fuel production company/facility (biodiesel, ethanol, renewable diesel, biomethane, hydrogen) and want to access the AFP. This portal is for registering production facilities and fuel pathway codes and for utilizing the Fuel Pathway Evaluation Process. Upon approval of your account by CARB you will be notified by email and will then be able to access the portal. Address questions to:

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