Welcome to Refrigerant Registration and Reporting System (R3)

Welcome to the Refrigerant Registration and Reporting System (R3). The R3 is a web-based tool for implementing the registration, reporting, and fee payment provisions of ARB's Refrigerant Management Program (RMP). In addition, the R3 offers the public a means to view select preformatted reports of refrigerant emissions. The R3 can be conveniently accessed on any computer with an internet connection.

The RMP is California's regulation for stationary, non-residential refrigeration systems using more than 50 pounds of a high global warming potential (high-GWP) refrigerant. The RMP seeks to reduce emissions of high-GWP refrigerants from leaking refrigeration equipment and the installation and servicing of refrigeration and air-conditioning appliances.

At the top of this page are links to the general ARB home web page and the home page of the RMP. Below that, on the red tab bar are links to preformatted reports and forms, important contacts for the RMP, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Important Information

General Public Users: Information for the general public does not require a login or account. For reports available to the public select the Reports and Forms tab on the red bar above. For contacts about the program select the Contact tab on the red bar or one of the links below. Select the FAQ tab on the red bar for general information.

First Time Company Users: In order to use R3 you must first setup a user account. If no one in your company has established an Administrator type user account and begun the company registration process select the "Sign Up for New Registration" in the right column. If someone in your company has registered and has established an Administrator account, contact that person to create your account.

First Time ARB and AIR District Users: ARB and Air District users should contact their program administrator to setup an account login.

The 2023 registration and annual reporting period will open January 1, 2024. Deadline for submitting Annual Reports and making the fee payment is March 1, 2024

All facilities with at minimum one refrigeration system holding more than 50 pounds of a high-GWP refrigerant were required to complete their registration by March 1, 2016.

Contact Information

For general R3 questions, Send an email to rmp@arb.ca.gov, Phone Number: 916-324-2517

Program Web page: http://www.arb.ca.gov/rmp/rmp.htm See the Regulation Document