Report Non-Compliant Off-Road Fleet
To report a non-compliant fleet or unlabeled off-road vehicles, please fill out as much information as possible below.

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Unlabeled Vehicle Information
*Address where the vehicle was observed:
  (Cross streets if no address)
*Date and time when the vehicle was observed:
  If you have photo(s) of the unlabeled vehicle, please email to
  Vehicle type:
  Vehicle make and model:
  Vehicle serial # or owner applied # (if possible):
Company Information For The Violator
  Company name:
  Company phone:
  Company email:
  Company address:
  Contractor license #:
  License plate # of the violator’s On-Road vehicle(s):
  Enforcement can run the plate in the DMV database to get an address.
  MC or CA # of the violator’s On-Road vehicle(s):
  Enforcement can run the number in the SAFER, BIT or MISTER
  databases to get additional information about the violator.
  Additional information:
  If the owner is unknown, was there any other identifying information
  available on-site, like signs or logos? Is the Equipment Identification
  Number (EIN) available?
Complainant Contact Information
To contact in case additional information is needed.
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Contact ARB at or 1 (877) 59-DOORS (1-877-593-6677).