Most CARB staff are currently working remotely. At this time, DOORS online reporting, along with assistance with reporting through email and the DOORS Hotline will continue operating as normal. However, processing of paper forms received by mail or fax will be limited. We highly encourage you to submit any paper forms by scanning or taking a photograph, and then sending it by email to Thank you for your understanding.

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Off-Road Diesel (ORD) Regulation

Guides for Initial Reporting:
   Off-Road Diesel Regulation
   Large Spark-Ignition Regulation

Large Spark-Ignition (LSI) Regulation

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Fleet Reporting

LSI Fleet:
The following fleets may be required to report.
Large forklift fleet: 26+ forklifts
Medium forklift fleet: 4 - 25 forklifts
Non-forklift fleet: 4+ non-forklifts

Off-road Diesel Fleet:
All existing off-road diesel fleets should have filed their initial report in 2009. If you are a new fleet, you must register your vehicles within 30 days per Section 2449(d)(4) of the regulation. If you are an existing fleet, you must report any new vehicles added within 30 days as per Section 2449(d)(6). For further guidance, please check
The Off-Road Zone for DOORS user guides.

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Report Other Air Pollution Complaints

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