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100 Series | 200 Series | 300 & 400 Series | 500 Series

100 Series Courses

Course Name
 Course # 
Air Academy Online Training (AAOT)       190 
Air Quality Training Program (AQTP) - Online Training       102 
Fundamentals of Enforcement (FOE or Smoke School)       100 
Visible Emission Evaluation (VEE) Day Certification       100.1 
Visible Emission Evaluation (VEE) Night Certification       100.2 

200 Series Courses

The 200 Series courses (below) are designed for environmental professionals in government or industry who specialize in air pollution compliance. Each 200 series course focuses on a specific source category and reviews the general process, theories and applications, source emissions and control techniques, applicable laws and regulations, typical source permit conditions, record keeping and monitoring requirements, and compliance inspection procedures. These one and two day courses are comprised of interactive classroom instruction followed by "hands-on" field training at a representative facility which enhances the student's learning experience. Classes generally start at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 5:00 p.m. Students must bring applicable safety equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses, ear protection, and safety shoes to participate in the field visit. The field visit and the satisfactory completion of the course exam are required before a "Certificate of Completion" is issued. It is recommended that students complete the 100 level courses prior to attending the 200 level training.
Course Name
 Course # 
Aboveground Gasoline Storage Tanks       268 
Aggregate Plants       243 
Aggregate, Asphalt, & Concrete Batching Operations       246 
Asbestos Demolition and Renovation - Regulator Training       251 
Asbestos Demolitions & Renovations for Contractors       250 
Biomass Fired Boilers       274 
Cement Plants       245 
Chrome Plating ATCM - Regulator Training       290.3 
Chrome Plating ATCM: Certification (Recorded)       290.7 
Coatings: Auto, Metal Parts, and Products       231 
Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM)       220 
Continuous Emission Monitoring       221 
Documenting Environmental Evidence & Report Writing       206 
Dry Cleaning       287 
Fugitive Dust       252 
Graphic Arts       230.4 
Health and Safety for Air Pollution Control Professionals       202 
Health Risk Assessments & Dispersion Modeling       296 
Hot Mix Asphalt Facilities       242 
In-Station Diagnostics       267 
Incinerators       270 
Industrial Boilers       273 
Landfill Gas Control Facilities       285 
MACT General Background Information       290 
New Source Review (NSR)       297 
Observing Source Tests       224 
Oil and Gas Extraction and Processing       260 
Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Control Technology       217 
Particulate Matter (PM) Control Technology       215 
Plastic Composites Manufacturing       261 
Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Technology       271 
Soil Decontamination       283 
Solvent Cleaning: Degreasing Operations       233 
Stationary Gas Turbines & Power Plants       272 
The California Air Pollution Professional       200 
Theory & Application of Air Pollution Control Devices       299 
Title V Permitting Program Overview       298 
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Control Technology       216 

300 & 400 Series Courses

The 300 and 400 Series courses (below) are comprised of symposiums, seminars, and workshops that address current and sometimes controversial environmental issues such as cross media training, legal issues, case development and variance/hearing board requirements. This dynamic program is designed for experienced environmental professionals from all levels of regulatory staff and industry. Because of the limited availability of these courses, early registration is highly recommended.
Course Name
 Course # 
Advanced Variance/Hearing Board Workshop       322 
Cal/EPA Basic Inspector Academy       310 
CAPCOA Permitting and Compliance Training       330 
CAPCOA Permitting Staff Development Class (Day 3)       337 
Chrome Plating (ATCM) - Industry Certification       390.3 
Dry Cleaner Air Toxic Control Measure       387 
Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) Testing       340.2 
Fundamental Inspector Course - Online Training (FIC)       300 
Gasoline Facilities Phase I and II Seminar       340 
Introductory Variance/Hearing Board Workshop       321 
One-Day Cal/EPA Basic Inspector Academy       310.1 
Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) and Portable Diesel Engine ATCM       302 
RICE NESHAP / IC NSPS       304 
RICE NESHAP / IC NSPS - Area Sources Only       304.1 
RICE NESHAP / IC NSPS - For Major Sources Only       304.2 
Smoke Management Training Workshop       375 
Stationary Diesel ATCM       301 
Course Name
 Course # 
Advanced Air Quality Enforcement Workshop       400 
Comprehensive Continuous Emissions Monitoring       401 
Portland Cement Manufacturing NESHAP (Subpart LLL) & NSPS (Subpart F)       411 

500 Series Courses

The 500 Series courses are focused primarily on Mobile Source Emissions.
Course Name
 Course # 
In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation       504 
Large Spark-Ignition (LSI) Fleet Regulation       505 
Transportation Refrigeration Units       507 
Controlling Diesel Emissions: Devices and Filters       511 
Diesel Particulate Filter Operation & Maintenance       511.2 
Diesel Vehicle Regulation Overview       512 
Truck & Bus and Tractor-Trailer GHG Regulations Overview, Compliance, and Reporting       514 
Maintenance Worker Regulatory Overview       515 
How To Comply with CARB Diesel Regulations       520 
How to Comply with the Truck and Bus Regulation       521 
Compliance Overview : Truck & Bus Rule, Off-Road Regulation, and Portable Equipment       525 
Diesel Truck Events       530 
Customized Training on Diesel Regulations and Controls       540 

Additional Diesel Compliance/Retrofit Courses

Course Name  Course # 
TRU Tutorial for Broker, Forwarder, Shipper, Receiver, Carrier, and Driver Requirements (online)    NA
Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program/Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (fee applies)    CCDET I
Diesel Exhaust After-Treatment and Maintenance Training Course (fee applies)    CCDET II

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