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Course #100: Fundamentals of Enforcement (FOE or Smoke School)

This course has been replaced by a two-part program which begins with Course 100A: an interactive online program, followed by Course 100B: a one-day classroom and field course. To register, please to go MyARB Training and choose Course 100A!

Course #100 provides the opportunity for Visible Emissions Evaluation (VEE) Certification in accordance with US EPA Method 9. VEE Certification is valid for six months.

This three-day course is a basic overview of air pollution emphasizing visible emissions evaluation. Participants will be trained to perform EPA Method 9 for reading visible emissions and will have the opportunity to obtain visible emissions evaluation certification. This certification is valid for six months and must be renewed by attending Course #100.1 VEE Day Certification and Course #100.2 VEE Night Certification. Additional topics include Air Pollution and Its Effects, Meteorology, Water Vapor Plumes, Air Pollution Law, and Air Compliance Inspection Procedures and Documentation.

Note: Completion of the Fundamentals of Enforcement (FOE or Smoke School) is REQUIRED for anyone who seeks VEE Certification from the California Air Resources Board. It is also required for anyone who seeks to be listed under VEE with the California Air Resources Board Independent Contractor's Program. This is to ensure all CARB certified VEE readers meet our standard of certification and understand the California VEE laws.

VEE Guidelines - Students please read before attending course.

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If you have any questions regarding registration or any other aspects of the Visible Emissions Program (FOE/VEE), please contact the FOE/VEE Registrar at 916-322-3937.

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Course Coordinator: Eric Walton
      Phone: (916) 227-7378
      Email:         ewalton@arb.ca.gov

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