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Course #220: Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM)
On October 22, 1997, EPA promulgated the CAM rule, 40 CFR part 64, which addresses monitoring for certain emission units at major sources. The CAM rule, which applies only to emission units with active control devices whose potential pre-control device emissions are at or above the major source thresholds, requires the title V permit for these sources to contain monitoring sufficient to give a reasonable assurance of compliance with requirements applicable to the source and with all permit terms and conditions over the anticipated range of operation. Thus, emission units with an approved CAM plan will require sufficient monitoring to satisfy the periodic monitoring requirement under title V and part 70.

The CAM rule generally will not require implementation of its requirements for most units subject to CAM until the first round of title V permit renewals, which will generally be 5 years after initial permit issuance. Therefore, until emission units become subject to the requirements of part 64, the initial title V permit for major sources with units subject to Federal or SIP regulations will need to include periodic monitoring for these CAM units.

CAM concepts like background, 40 CFR part 64 (CAM) applicability, who will be affected by CAM.,.who is exempt from CAM, CAM timing, monitoring design criteria, frequency of monitoring, source, District & EPA roles in evaluating CAM plans, quality improvement plans will be discussed.

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