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Course #267: In-Station Diagnostics
In-Station Diagnostics or ISD continuously monitors the function of the gasoline vapor collection and containment at California Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (GDF) dispensing greater than 600,000 gal/year. The ISD system notifies the station of possible problems through a series of alarms and can even shut down the station to prevent the sale of gasoline.

This class focuses on two ARB-certified In-Station Diagnostic systems: Veeder-Root and INCON. Topics covered will include general information regarding ISD, how to read warning and failure alarms posted by the ISD systems, how to view the diagnostic information, and how to generate and interpret several useful reports. There will also be a site visit associated with this class to gain hands-on experience collecting data from the ISD systems. It is highly suggested that you bring a laptop computer or tablet capable of wireless connection. The suggested pre-requisite for this class is ARB Class 340 (GDF) or actual experience with Phase I and Phase II vapor recovery.

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