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Course #274: Biomass Fired Boilers
Boilers are some of the most common sources of combustion emission in California and range in use from small fire tube boilers to large utility boilers associated with power plant facilities. Of these sources, biomass fired boilers are a significant and growing sub group. The increasing interest in renewable energy and climate change is helping to drive this growth. This course discusses uses of boilers, heat transfer methods and the fundamentals of operation of modern industrial & utility boilers focusing on biomass. This course also discusses steam turbines & power generation. This is followed by a detailed discussion on emissions and control techniques such as FGR, staged combustion, SCR, SNCR and RSCR. The applicable federal & local regulations, permitting requirements, BACT and agency inspection procedures and safety concerns are thoroughly discussed.
Hard Hat, Safety Shoes & Glasses required.

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Course Coordinator: Matthew O'Donnell
      Phone: (916) 229-0633
      Email:         modonnel@arb.ca.gov

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