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Course #297: New Source Review (NSR)
This course is aimed at new, entry-level as well as semi-experienced stationary source permit engineers, inspectors, regulatory agency staff, and environmental specialists in business and government. This course will provide an overview and discussion of the requirements of district New Source Review (NSR) rules. NSR is a pre-construction review process that is intended to ensure non-attainment districts meet air quality goals while also considering costs and economic viability of businesses that are subject to this regulation. Topics to be discussed include Best Available Control Technology (BACT), offsets requirements, public noticing, monitoring/recordkeeping/reporting requirements (MRR), and tips on how to write an effective permit to ensure enforceability of subject regulations. Note, this course will NOT include a field trip.

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Course Coordinator: Bruce Oulrey
      Phone: (916) 207-4012
      Email:         boulrey@arb.ca.gov

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