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Course #340.2: Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) Testing
Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) is now in effect!    Get to know the test methods that apply to all the various Phase I and Phase II vapor recovery systems. This day and a half seminar presents a detailed overview of the test methods specified in all the EVR Executive Orders (EO). If you are a District inspector or permit writer, or an owner/operator, this class should help to familiarize you with the steps required to perform each test so you can be a more informed observer of your testing contractor. The class will include an in-depth review of all the EO testing exhibits and applicable CARB testing Procedures (TPs). Testing contractors are encouraged to attend, if for no other reason than to share your experiences and expertise. A fieldtrip to a Gasoline Dispensing Facility (GDF) to observe some of the testing procedures will be conducted to help reinforce ideas and topics discussed in class.

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Course Coordinator: Dillon Collins
      Phone: (916) 229-0639
      Email:         dillon.collins@arb.ca.gov

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