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Course #400: Advanced Air Quality Enforcement Workshop
This is a two and a half-day accelerated learning workshop for advanced level air quality inspectors, supervisors and mid-level managers focusing on advances in air quality enforcement. The workshop is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of several key enforcement issues. The workshop provides a forum for an extensive, incisive analysis of critical issues confronting air quality inspection personnel. The workshop features a participative, interactive methodology of discussion, hypothetical problems and practical exercises. Workshop presenters and panel members are experienced in their appropriate fields and were selected based on the ability to present dynamic, informed presentations. The Workshop Agenda outlines the selected issues, but discussion will not be limited to them. Agendas for each listed class can be found by clicking on the location for the class.

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There is no fee for this or any ARB Compliance Training Course.

Course Coordinator: Registrar
      Phone: (916) 322-3937
      Email:         arbtrain@arb.ca.gov

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