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Course #505: Large Spark-Ignition (LSI) Fleet Regulation
The Air Resources Board has a regulation to reduce emissions from existing off-road vehicles with large spark-ignition (LSI) engines used in California. These vehicles are found in public and private industries as diverse as manufacturing, wholesale & retail goods movement, utilities, and construction. The In-Use Off-Road Large Spark-Ignition Engine Fleet Regulation (LSI Fleet Regulation) requires fleet operators to conduct a baseline inventory of their fleet and then achieve fleet average emission standards.

Currently, ARB is proposing amendments to the LSI Fleet Regulation that will add reporting requirements, labelling requirements, and make other minor changes to improve clarity. Course #505 will provide an overview of the current LSI Fleet Regulation, including regulation applicability, current fleet average emission requirements, information to be used in fleet average calculations, and recordkeeping requirements. There will also be a discussion of the proposed amendments. For more information regarding the LSI Fleet Regulation, please go here.

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Course Coordinator: Randy Opfer
      Phone: (916) 322-8049
      Email:         ropfer@arb.ca.gov

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