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Course #507: Transportation Refrigeration Units
Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs) are used on semi-trailers, truck vans, shipping containers, and rail cars. Most TRUs are diesel-powered. Although TRU engines are relatively small, significant numbers of these engines congregate at distribution centers, truck stops, and other facilities, resulting in exposure to diesel particulate matter (PM) and health risks to those that live and work nearby. To reduce the risks of exposure to diesel PM from TRUs, owners, operators, dispatchers, and distribution centers must comply with the TRU Air Toxic Control Measure (ATCM).

Topics covered in this course include:
Regulation Applicability
Hiring and Contracting TRUs
Compliance Requirements
Registration and Labeling

To view the California Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Regulation and Electric Infrastructure Solutions Webinar held May 12, 2015, go to: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/2733552299362402049

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Course Coordinator: Danielle Chambers
      Phone: (916) 323-0027
      Email:         dchamber@arb.ca.gov

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