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Course #511: Controlling Diesel Emissions: Devices and Filters
Diesel particulate filter (DPF) technology is in the forefront of California's Diesel Risk Reduction Program. Diesel Emission Control Strategies (DECS) has been verified by ARB to effectively reduce diesel emissions from diesel-fueled internal combustion engines by at least 85%. This course discusses diesel emissions and health effects; DPF theory, operation, construction, and application; as well as regulations requiring particulate filters. Topics include: diesel oxidation catalysts, continually regenerating traps, selective catalyst reduction/continually regenerating traps, in addition to passive, active, online and offline regenerating strategies. (This course does not include a detailed hands-on maintenance component. If you are interested in attending a class that does have a detailed hands-on component, please visit the California Council on Diesel Engine Technology (CCDET) website for more information and schedule. There is a fee to attend CCDET courses.)

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Course Coordinator: Randy Opfer
      Phone: (916) 322-8049
      Email:         ropfer@arb.ca.gov

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