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Tractor/Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation

The regulation applies to 53' or longer box-type trailers (dry van and refrigerated van) and tractors that pull them. Fleets with 20 or fewer box-type trailers may take advantage of a phase-in option by reporting trailer information by September 1, 2012. The deadline for fleets with 21 or more box-type trailers to register has already passed. Additionally, the regulation currently requires all 2011 model year tractors that pull 53' or longer box-type trailers and all 2011 model year 53' or longer box-type trailers to be SmartWay certified or be retrofitted to comply. Fleets that have 2011 model year equipment and qualify for the short haul or local haul exemptions must report information about their 2011 model year equipment now. Reporting of other tractors and trailers within the fleet is not required at this time.

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